The Perfume Shop

A perfume shop through Gamma Aromatics spectrum

We are activated to the Perfume industry since 1989, especially to the perfume shops field.

Our value proposition is Quality:


Το αρωματοπωλείο υπό το φάσμα της Gamma Aromatics

Η Gamma Aromatics,ακολουθώντας τις ορθές πρακτικές παραγωγής (GMP), έχει ενεργή παρουσία
στην ελληνική αγορά στο τομέα των αρωμάτων και τη προμήθεια των αρωματοπωλείων από το 1989.

Στόχος μας η ποιότητα.

• French raw materials
• More than 800 fragrances
• When a new arrival of fragrance occurs, panel test takes place in order to choose the optimum version.
• Always searching for the gold section, under C.Q.L. umbrella. Our assessment variables are Credibility, Quality and Long-lasting. Minimum credibility rate 95%
• Flexible options serving your needs: EDP+, EDP, EDT+, EDT, EDC. M.O.Q 0.5lt
• Products and raw materials are examined by specialized science personnel.
• Supervise each determinative factor of the production
• Archive of production samples for traceability and reproducibility.
• Perfumes and Colognes are produced one by one when ordered, so you can take advantage of maximum self-life.

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